Febu and Helu

Helena (left) and Feven (right) one of our idols, Nelson Mandela.


Finding a dress that fits and flatters our figure at an  affordable price is almost impossible. Growing up that use to frustrate us, as we’d often find a dress that was the perfect length but too big at the waist and too tight at the hips! Or we’d find a dress that would fit our waist perfectly but was snug at the hips and too short, and as you know, we’re not huge fans of our knees so much that we almost always wear knee length…anything! Apparently, Rachel Zoe thinks the same thing about her knees. Bananas! So, when Feven was in Ghana during the holidays she jumped at the chance to visit her friend and amazing tailor, Billy, to design a few dresses to bring back to LA.

We call these dresses Febu x Helu (our nicknames growing up).

The Febu: Feven originally designed this dress for a NYE brunch. The fabric is a modern West African textile, this is simple and elegant, but can easily be worn to work by throwing on a blazer.  This dress is definitely for the girl who likes to keep it classy, who is confident and embraces her curves.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.50.20 AM

Febu textile close up!

The Helu:  Helena’s personal style tends to lean more whimsical and elegant. This West African textile is fun and flirty and perfect for Spring. This dress could also be easily worn to work by pairing it with crop jacket. You know we’re pretty practical and all about a 2-4-1!

Helu x FEVEN
Helu textile close up!

Helu textile close up!

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Feven & Helena #twinship

p.s. the perks of living in LA, sunshine in January & posing with Nelson Mandela!