Enjoying the beautiful LA sun!

Enjoying the beautiful LA sun!


They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” but it’s not always that the words come immediately to mind. I say that because I debated with the decision to even post this picture because as Helena and I always say, you have to keep it 100! 100 percent real…even when it’s not easy.

My hesitation with sharing this picture stems from the curvature of my hips. I thought my hips looked “too wide” and immediately wrote off posting this picture.

During a casual night with my girlfriends, I showed them pictures my friend Red Rosamond snapped of me in my DVF “Zola” silk jumpsuit on her iPhone and to my surprise, this was the image they loved the most.

How could that be?!

The image of myself that I disliked the most was the one they loved?!!!

After a few glasses of wine, and candid talk about our bodies, I realized that I had to post this because yes, I have full hips, but my hips are a sign of my truth. I love myself and I want my readers who may not embody the standard sample size to also love and live their truth.

Women’s hips are a sign of strength, beauty and femininity. I encourage you all to love yourselves as you are and embrace yourselves. I’m not perfect, but it’s within the acceptance of our so-called imperfections that we find joy. For validation of self and love of self is the most beautiful accessory a woman can wear! and like DVF says, “You be You.”