Bravo TV is a way of life

Bravo TV is a way of life

Full disclosure, we love, love, love BRAVO TV especially The Real Housewives of whatever city is on. Atlanta and Beverly Hills is our personal fave, but there is something to be said about Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives of NYC. Watching her go from a tiny one bedroom apartment she shared with her number one companion, Cookie (that’s her dog), trying to find her place in the world while juggling vacant relationships with wealthy housewives, as she tries to juggle her own very limited bank account was something that viewers like us empathized with. She was the underdog, she was the one with no money, no clear direction, but she had that fire, that eternal flame that she could do it, that she could build an empire on her own. So now to watch her be the queen of her own kingdom, otherwise known as SkinnyGirl, is a journey that we argue is perhaps the best part about The Real Housewives franchise. And for that, we are forever grateful to Andy Cohen for bringing these Housewives into our lives and inviting them into our homes. They make us want to get our nails done, laugh, drink wine but most importantly encourage us women to be business owners.

With that said, in honor of Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live, here are 3 things we are currently obsessed with:

3 things FEVEN is currently OBSESSED with:

Feven is currently obsessed with...

Feven is currently obsessed with…

  1. Pinterest…I’m in love with my Pinterest closet and my fave board FOOD. 
  2. DVF…who she is and what she represents is beyond an inspiration!
  3. FIAT…my new car feels like a dream!

3 things HELENA is currently OBSESSED with…

Helena is currently obsessed with...

Helena is currently obsessed with…

  1. The Women I’ve Always Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg…amazing!
  2. Instagram follow me!
  3. Master of None…Aziz Ansari is a comedy genius


Feven & Helena #twinship

a.k.a Bravo Super Fans

P.S. Andy, if you’re reading this, we’d love to be the twins behind the bar at the Clubhouse! We promise not to plead the fifth!HA