The return of Work Wear Wednesday!

Anytime we shop for a new skirt, top, or dress we think of ways we can wear it to work or a casual evening out with friends. We really are pretty practical girls who prefer casual glam and a bold print. So when Feven designed this dress and skirt (both textiles purchased in Ghana) she thought about what a ‘working girl’ would like. What would make her feel classy and confident? To us confidence is effortless, a little playful and accentuates a women bodies without giving away too much.

In our last post we mentioned how difficult it was for us to find garments that actually fit our waist and hips. It’s funny, when we were awkward teens in high school we use to regret having curves! Now as women we couldn’t be more proud of them.

The high waisted skirt Feven is wearing is a perfect look for a boss babe heading to a casual meeting or a Sunday brunch with her girlfriends. Feven paired this look with a blouse (inspired by Stella Jean) and a pair of playful red DVF Mika Suede Pumps. These shoes are a favorite for so many reasons but mainly because they really force you to walk into any room tall and proud! Seriously, posture is amazing in these shoes!

Febu Skirt by Feven

Febu Skirt by Feven


Helu dress by Feven

The dress Helena is wearing was inspired by the yellow dress Feven wore to the Journey of  Dress exhibit two years ago. We really love how structured and feminine this dress is. This textile was given as a gift and we are seriously in love with it! It reminds us of calm African Trees.


Feven and Helena #twinship

P.S. what does confidence mean to you?